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Who We Are

Our Story

  From Nebraska farms  

Born and raised in the farmlands of the American midwest, our founder learned the importance of building communities of belonging from an early age.

Meet Our Team

We are dreamers and doers.

The Rise Together team brings expertise and experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. From international companies to state level government to newly founded non-profits, we have proven success in driving impact

At rise together, we commit to:


Be Courageous

Doing the right things is not always the easy thing. We commit to being courageous to standing up for what we believe in ane for putting the needs and dreams of our community first no matter what.


Take Good Care

People first. We commit to taking care of ourselves and of each other by being mindful of other people's needs - even if it is simply their time - and by bringing compassion, empathy, and gratitude into our conversations, meetings, and projects.


Walk the Talk

Be the change we want to see in the workforce world. We commit to recruiting non-traditional candidates as our way of signaling to the world success is achievable, no matter where you start from. 

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